Our Partnership

With our long-term partnership in Japan since 2013, we have been monitoring the trends affecting the FM industry in Japan and responded by creating a unique joint venture.

This strategic investment has enabled us to help our clients respond to the shared challenges confronting their businesses today, and be better prepared for the future. 

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Our unique Joint Venture was established to help globally-minded companies in Japan transition to Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solutions. We put people, data and digital technology at the heart of our business model in order to improve Productivity and Quality of Life in Japan.

From the left: Mr Sonet (Sodexo), Mr Yaguchi (President and CEO of GLOBESHIP Corp.) and Mr Edagawa (CEO and Representative Director of Globeship Sodexo)

From the left: Mr Sonet (Sodexo), Mr Yaguchi (President and CEO of GLOBESHIP Corp.) and Mr Edagawa (CEO and Representative Director of Globeship Sodexo)


Back in 2013, GLOBESHIP Corporation and SODEXO began working together in Japan to better understand how the Global IFM model could be adapted to best meet the needs of the local Japanese market.

GLOBESHIPclick here - One of the largest privately owned Facility and Project Management companies in Japan, focused on creating comfortable workplaces

SODEXO - click here - The global leader in services that improve Quality of Life, an essential factor in individual and organisational performance

GLOBESHIP SODEXO (GSS) - Officially  launched in March 2016 at a signing ceremony in Tokyo, Japan.


We aim to give clients with long-term vision the confidence to entrust their non-core business activities to GSS, as their single IFM services partner in Japan.

Our approach to IFM is underpinned by a proven global model – with systems and processes that create value and deliver savings – adapted to meet local conditions.  A model that we have successfully deployed for clients in Japan.

These partnerships are built on trust, transparency and accountability - where our clients have full visibility of our operational performance through open dialogue and consistent KPI reporting.



OUR positioning

Our conviction is that if employees feel an improvement in their Quality of Life from the services we provide, they will perform better in their workplace.

We now see change coming to Japan. Not only is the government legislating for workstyle reform but increasingly our clients are also investing to improve the Workplace Experience for their employees. The ability to attract and retain talent is now a concern for every organisation, exacerbated by the shrinking workforce (which declines by 20% between 2000 and 2030).

Our investments in people, technology and service capability have been crucial to our success in helping our clients keep ahead of these workplace trends.

GSS18MKT - CONTACT 001.jpg